Meal Management Program

Service Code: MMP-S

Service Cost: Previous: 45,000/year, NOW: 38,500/year (Promo period April 16 to October 16, 2018)

Service Inclusions:

* Personalized Meal Plan management according to the client's current health requirements

* With one (1) facilitating health coach

Program Duration: 1 Year

Mode of payment: "Lose Now, Pay Later" ( Start of payment on the 7th to 12th month )

Admission Fee: P1,500.00 (inclusive of the following)

* 1 Breakpoint dri-fit shirt, sublimation print ( actual selling cost is 350.00)

* 1 Exercise Mat, blue color only, pelates yoga mats (actual selling cost is 600.00

* 1 Breakpoint LP Mug (actuall selling cost is (300.00)

* 1 Breakpoint Community Card - P1,250.00



Service Description:

Meal Management Program is a non-workout program. This does not include workout sessions. Clients who are enrolled for this program are mainly concerned with their eating problems. Whether they do not know what to eat, or being endulged in too much eating causing obesity and other health-related concerns. 

For this program, we determine the specific health needs of the client thorough body scanning assessment or blood chem result assessment (not necessary all the time). 

The approach is all natural and basically eating normal foods but in different approach as per required by the client's health.  

Unlike other companies who offer the same service, ours is way much cheaper but very effective and convenient. 

Who are the people qualified for this program?

People who are sufferring from obesity but do not want to workout, those with blood sugar concerns, persons recovering from operation, athletes under strict dietary requirements. 


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or contact us at: 287-32 74 , 09360272855 (globe) or 0950-821-37-13 (smart,tnt,sun)