Extreme Lose Weight 25:45




Service Code: PER-FLC

Service Cost: 45,000/program/person (base cost, cost may change after assessment the process)

Service Inclusions:

* 2 to 3 times exercise sessions/week

* With one (1) facilitating personal coach

* Meal Management Coaching (Personalized)

Program Duration: 3months (base duration)

Mode of payment: 50% upon signing service agreement, 50% upon program completion. 

Admission Fee: P1,500.00 (inclusive of the following)

* 1 Exercise Mat, pelates yoga mats, blue color (actual selling cost: 600.00)

* 1 Exercise Shirt, Dri-fit, sublimation printed (actual selling cost: 350.00)

* 1 Breakpoint Mug (actual selling cost: 300.00)

* Breakpoint Community Card - P1,250.00

Exercise Sessions Venue: Clients’ preferred place (Home Service)


Service Description:

Losing excessive weight has become is becoming a problem of more Filipinos today. Despite of countless options in the market, many still fall to failure due to inappropriate measure which are being taken. So instead of getting rid off those fats, the situation is even worsen. 

With XLW 25:45, the long sufferring is guaranteed to end. This is a especially-designed program that guarantees both physical and psyshological rehabilitation. XLW 25:45 has its money-back guarantee (conditions applied) to ensure you that this truly works. 

Our company is determined to end your spending just to make your health better. As what we always say to our clients, "this is going to be your last measure".  

The program consists of Personal workout program, personal coach, and a personalize meal management coaching. 

If you are ready to change now, give us a call. 


Visit the GALLERY section of our website to see people who changed their lives through this program. 


For more details, email us @ breakpointphilippines@gmail.com

or contact us at: 287-32 74 , 09360272855 (globe) or 0950-821-37-13 (smart,tnt,sun)