Corporate Complete Fitness


Service Code: CORP-FLC

Service Cost: 1,500.00/month/person or 750.00/month/person

Service Inclusions:

* 2 to 3 times exercise sessions/week

* With one (1) facilitating coach/instructor

* Meal Management Coaching/ Meal Planning

Program Duration: 1 Year

Required number of participants: 12 members = 1 account

Mode of payment: "Train Now, Pay Later" ( Train for the the first 6 months and start paying on the 7th to 12th month)

Note: Promo period and conditions applied. 

Enrolment Fee: 1,500.00, Inclusive of the ff:

* Breakpoint LP mug - actual cost is P300.00

* Training uniform (sublimation printed) - actual cost is - P350.00

* Training Mat (pelates yoga mat) - actual cost is - P600.00

* Breakpoint Community Card - P 1, 250


Service Description:

This program is perfectly designed for public and private institutions. The aim is to either rehabilitate lifestyle pattern, address illnesses such as diabetes, high cholesterol, gal stones, weak auto-immune diseases, etc,  or to just simply maintain good health in order to become more efficient in performing their jobs. 

To avail this program, a group of 8 or 12 persons must be formed and must  secure a space of own preference. The chosen location will become the venue for workout sessions that will be facilitated by a Coach/Instructor.. 

Corporate Complete Fitness is designed for the convenience of our beloved working countrymen so there will no longer be excuses not to do the program regularly.

Having this program is way much better than to travel going to the gym after a long and exhausted day of work.

CCF guarantees significant changes not just in terms of health condition and physical appearance but also with our client's personal undertanding regarding matters related to health and wellness. 

The workout/exercise programs used for this service has been studied for almost a decade to ensure that it could fit all types of body and age. So rest assure that this program will perfectly work for you.


Along with the actual exercise sessions. Meal management coaching/ instruction is also included to ensure better health and lifestyle benefits .

Each participant will receive their personal meal plan as required by their current health status (which will be identified during the assessment period) via email on a regular basis. These meal plans are guaranteed to be easy to follow and 100% EFFECTIVE. 



For more details, email us @

or contact us at: 0936-027-28-55 (globe) or 0950-821-37-13 (smart,tnt,sun)