Comprehensive Advocacy

Towards Our Clients and Students

  1. Bringing the most affordable fitness and lifestyle coaching service to every working Filipino people and to their families.
  2. To alter the unacceptable tricky services and deceptive campaigns of many fitness- and lifestyle - related companies both locally and foreign made.
  3. To be able to help many acquire a healthier lifestyle that would possibly lead him/her to a better life, worth-living.
  4. To be able to help in building families by encouraging and teaching them to prioritize the most significant things is life which is genuine love of God, healthy family, and friends of the same goals and aspirations in life.
  5. To be able to assist our clients with their resources by constantly teaching them how to live a simple and joyful life.
  6. To be able to contribute in the eradication of the most important factor in the disparity between the poor and wealthy. And that is unhealthy living and poor lifestyle.
  7. To impart the natural way of getting healthy to everyone where money is not a big hindrance.

“Whenever I look at our clients, I do not see profit but life. People who wanders about the purpose of life, how to enjoy life to the fullest regardless of their income, how to have a family safe from illnesses due to unhealthy living, and how to have a more fulfilling and significant life.

As more and more people wander about these questions and searching for affordable solutions, many would take-advantage over their desperations. And For what? only to profit, regardless if they will harm the lives of these people along with their families. Networking, Food supplements, gym promotions, unreliable fitness programs, and incomplete health and wellness services do not just affect the financial status of a person, it basically destroys life and hope.

The formula toward a healthy lifestyle, healthier family, and a more stable financial status is inexpensive. It’s just a matter of purpose and priority.

Breakpoint is not here to offer fit life, we are here to offer REAL LIFE.”

- Coach CJ

Founder of Breakpoint FLCS

To Our Team

  1. To provide a sustainable source of income which will not require half of their life just to earn. A job that will not separate a father or mother away from his/her family 9 to 10 hours a per day. A job that will be a big help and significant in building a home.
  2. To provide decent job to anyone who is willing to take the path towards God-glorifying,honest, compassionate, healthy, and wholesome career.
  3. To ensure decent life and healthy family for our employees through constant assistance and lifestyle check program such as Employee Care and Instructors and Coaches Career Developmental Program.

“I believe that all of the people working with us here in our company represent the company’s character and credibility. The life of each individual here reflects the significant and life-changing results which we are offering to our valued clients. If our system and services will not work and become effective to each individual here in the company, then we are nothing but hypocrites, liars who do not deserve to stand and speak in front of anyone about good and profitable life.

If this will not work for all of us here in this company, then there is no chance that it will work for anybody at all”


- Coach Chito

Founder of Breakpoint FLCS