Complete Lifestyle Fitness 12/800 C(CLF 12/700)

Service Code: GRP-FLC

Service Cost: 1,500.000/month/person

Service Inclusions:

* 2 to 3 times exercise sessions/week

* With one (1) facilitating instructor

* Meal Management Coaching

Program Duration: 1 Year

Mode of payment: Total annual cost to be paid in 3 months intallment.

Enrolment Fee: P1,500.00, Inclusive of the ff:

* Training uniform 

* Training Mat (yoga mat)

* Breakpoint Mug

* Breakpoint Community Card


Service Description:

This program is perfectly designed for grouped private individuals with different health needs. Unlike Corporate Complete Fitness which is solely intended for formally-employed individuals, this program allows anybody to form a group and begin with the program.

To avail this service,clients must form a group of 8 and secure a space of their preference where the workout sessions will be conducted.

The actual workout sessions will be facilitated by a coach/instructor. 

Complete Lifestyle Fitness was designed to cater those who are not formally employed but with personal health and lifestyle needs. 

We believe that a healthy lifestyle management is essential in performing their our individual duties such as handling the business, taking care of our children, and taking care of our spouses.

This program is also a perfect way for anybody to bond with their friends and family. Healthy activities help maintain healthy relationships. 


Along with the actual exercise sessions. Meal management coaching/ instruction is also included to ensure better health and lifestyle benefits .

Each participant will receive their personal meal plan as required by their current health status (which will be identified during the assessment period) via email on a regular basis. These meal plans are guaranteed to be easy to follow and 100% EFFECTIVE. 


For more details, email us @

or contact us at: 287-32 74 , 09360272855 (globe) or 0950-821-37-13 (smart,tnt,sun)